Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogging as Therapy?

I neglected to post at all in January. Sheesh. To make up for my lack of posting I’m going to attempt to post once a day all February. Yup. All. February. (Note that I picked a short month.)

Why will I attempt such a thing? Well, for one thing, I’m pretty unhappy with and have a lot of anxiety about w-o-r-k right now. I’m hoping that doing a little writing on a daily basis will be cathartic. I also really want to jump start this little blog. I want to get into the habit. There are so many fantastic blogs out there that I really admire, and I want to be part of that community of creative people.

I suppose you could consider this every day thing a new year’s resolution, if I formalized that sort of thing. Also on the list of very informal resolutions is to begin to de-lurk and (gasp!) join in. My crafty non-resolution? Socks. As in, to begin knitting socks. Mr. Beagle and I agreed to cook more this year, which will begin this weekend with a freezer-filling extravaganza (bolognaise, meat loaf, and meatballs).

Hmm. I think I’m feeling better already.

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