Sunday, April 29, 2007

Knitting is a Stupidhead

Not much happening on the knitting front. Jaywalker heel #1 has been successfully turned at last:

Jaywalker Turned

It took A. Long. Time. I am, happy to say, getting to be enough of a knitting adult that when I do terrible, terrible things to, say, a sock heel, I actually rip back and redo it the right way. Even if I have to rip back, say, five or six different times in a single weekend. You know, just, say.

What with all the bad knitting and ripping and more bad knitting and ripping on the sock, I really haven't gotten very far on the old sweater-of-my-own-design. Not far at all:

Sleeveless Cowl Begun

In addition to all this progress (hah!), I'll instead revisit a project past, Sitcom Chic:

Green Cotton Cardigan

Most badly executed sweater ever! Lessons learned? Knit a gage swatch, 100% cotton kinda sucks, measure oneself before picking a size... don't make one side of a (seamless!!!) cardigan longer than the other (seriously don't know how that one happened). This one was knit at least a year ago and was one of my first sweaters, so I'll cut myself some slack. Really, I think the pattern is very cute, it's a fast knit and maybe I'll give it another try in a better yarn choice and taking into account the other lessons learned.

At least I had one success this weekend; I made cheese. Really. Paneer, as in Palak Paneer (fresh cheese in spinach sauce). It was super easy, super satisfying, and I love me some Indian food for dinner. Sucky knitting is easier to deal with on a full belly.

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Tace said...

Hi, already commented on a more recent blog entry you did but Palak Paneer! I just discovered the joys of making my own not that long ago as well. YUMMERS! Fun huh?