Monday, June 18, 2007

Going, Going...

The Office

Back went I started working at the X factory, I shared an office with four guys. It almost drove me nuts some days. Trying to get work done in a shared space that was constantly full of people was sometimes really hard and really trying. I won't even go in to the story of the forgotten burrito.

However, after moving buildings, being promoted, and getting my own office, I actually miss sharing a space with so many people. There was always someone there to joke with, to ask a question of, and to throw things at. We were all pretty close in a way you don't get in separate cubicles and offices. At one point, one of the office mates purported to be too distracted by the rest of us and erected a cardboard enclosure around his desk so that he couldn't see us. Later the same day, he proclaimed that he missed us too much and drew pictures of each of us on his makeshift cubicle. The cubicle and his portraits stayed up for weeks.

Plant Shadows

That said, I was never as happy to leave home for my office on a Monday morning as I was today. It's not that my in-laws or monsters (in fact, we get along okay), but just the crushing feeling of my home being invaded when I have house guests for any length of time. I get irritable. Then I feel guilty for being so irritable. So, my cool, quiet office was just the place for me today. Plus, I had the fact that Mr. Beagle would be whisking his parents off to the airport soon after my return from work. Which he did. Ahhh.

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