Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I'm a sucker for autumn. Everything just seems better when you're curled up under an afghan. Mom's ripple is already seeing some good use.

I love cold weather food. Mr. Beagle's got an amazing smelling pot roast in the oven. Summer produce is nice and all, but in my eyes (and stomach), it can't hold a candle to all things braised and roasted and caramelized.

While it's usually Mr. Beagle's task to keep the spice cupboard stocked, he's a little distracted these days by this dissertation thing he's working on (not distracted enough to turn down the chance to cook a hunk of meat, though). The job fell to me, and let me tell you, it was not an unpleasant one. Funneling spices from bulk bags into their jars left a film of flavor on my hands and immediate workspace and made the peanuts I was munching on extra special. Who knew that epazote-curry-cinnamon peanuts were so good? Reinforcements were ordered from (highly recommended) Penzey's Spices (or Penzeys Spices as they call themselves and drive me nuts by not using an apostrophe).

In other developments, my sports team of choice won while I cheered, swore, coveted Mr. Beagle's bloody mary, and knit many rows on C2:TUO. 3-0, baby.

C2TUO 75

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Stephanie said...

I love Autumn too.....I need to learn how to knit so I can make a beautiful afghan like yours!