Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not About Knitting

So much knitting to talk about! There's the finished Clapotis (II: The Ugly One)! There's the Endpaper Mitts that I'm bravely starting! There's the wee baby sweater that I'm thoroughly enjoying ('cause damn, those things knit up fast)! But, until I have 1. daylight and 2. time, there are no pictures. No pictures, fun.

Instead I have a picture of this:

Moving Prep

Nope, not space monkeys (though, if you get that reference, you're my kind of geek), not even a strange weather phenomena. No, Mr. Sterling Sharpe* (bottom right corner) and I spent most of Saturday going through clothes in prep for The Big Move. Seven bags of clothes (ack, where did they all come from!?!) went to Goodwill and we're a teensy bit closer to being ready to move.

Just so there's some crafty content, here's a little somethin' somethin' I made last weekend:

Cozy Top

Cozy Hatch

Cozy Back

I'm calling it iPod case v1.0. Next time (I'm pretty sure I'm to lazy for a next time, but who knows), I'll either find thicker felt, or sew the edges before I cut it out, since I was going for a more industrial, less handmade look. All in all, it's working okay, except I'm not digging my earbuds dangling about in my purse. Recipe for disaster. Oh, and I have to remember to lock the iPod, since fastening the elastic around the button invariably depresses the click wheel.

Next time: pictures of yarn-based entities.

*Sterling's contribution to the process was so minimal that he was packed off to Goodwill. That will teach him to whine about being unable to help since he's just, you know, a t-shirt.

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