Friday, May 16, 2008

Just In Time

Finished Tilted Duster

See, I do knit. Quite a lot, actually. I knit the the back and fronts of this sweater. My gauge was off, so I knit them again. Same with the first half of the sleeves. Eh, it's the nature of knitting right?

Tilted Duster Modeled

Pattern: Tilted Duster from Fall 2007 Interweave
Begun: 3/08
Finished: 5/08
Size: 40.5"
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia
Needles: #5 and #6 circulars
Mods: Uh, none I think. I even used the called for yarn.

I'm pretty dang pleased with this sweater. It fits quite nicely, thanks in no small part to my willingness to reknit half the sweater when I realized I was wayyyy off gauge. The sleeves are a leeetle tight and if I were really persnickity, I would add a hook and eye to the point where the "skirt" meets at the chest.

Pros: Fits, looks pretty good, warm
Cons: Reknitting, knitting again, knitting pieces over, unnecessary apostrophe's, finishing a fall/winter sweater in May

TD Button Detail

An now? Hey, I'm already on to the next sweater:

Flutter Start

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Stephanie said...

I am WAY jealous of your mad knitting skills!