Sunday, August 24, 2008

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Water Flower

Busiest. Summer. Ever.

What didn't I do this summer? Knit, sew, craft or read blogs.

What did I do? Well, we closed on the house, then immediately took off for a week of vacation in the U.P.

Then it was off for Northern Wisconsin to see my baby brother married (I could post one of my photos, but they all pale in comparison to the shots taken by their amazing photographer).

Light Fixtures

Then it was back to Madison to clean, paint, and move in to the house. The house which happens to contain some amazing original 1963 light fixtures.

Kiddie Cocktail

Then it was off to the Detroit area for the wedding of some good friends, during which, I consumed several kiddie cocktails (or Shirley Temples, if you will).

Montreal Night

Less than a week later, we were in Montreal for a vacaconference? conferencecation? and to try some poutine. (And where Mr. Beagle snapped the water lily photo at the top of the post.)

And in between all that, we participated all kinds of family activities and had houseguests on five different occasions.

Oh, yeah, I also secured and started a new job. For which I had to buy all new pants. Because my old ones don't fit. Because in addition to everything else this summer, I'm also pregnant.

Dude, I'm tired.

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Kristy said...

congratulations on your exciting news and welcome to the world of expanding waistlines!