Sunday, October 05, 2008

Works In Progress


The proto-kid in my belly and this house are so very linked together in my head. I figured out I was pregnant the same week we first saw the house and put in an offer. (Never have I been filled with as much crazy excited apprehensive wacko nervous energy as when stopping at the drugstore for a pregnancy test directly after seeing for the first time this “yes, this is it, let’s buy it nownownow because it WILL be mine” house.) We closed on the house right at the end of my first trimester (“Hi mom… yup everything is set for the closing… by the way, I’m knocked up”). My morning (ha!) sickness let up just as we moved in. And now in a perfect storm of anxiety (Ack!, Are birthing classes going to freak me out? Why is registering so hard? Why’d he stop kicking? Am I gaining too little weight? Too much weight? And WHAT ARE WE GOING TO NAME HIM????), the only thing I feel I have under control is his room.


I’m loving the aqua-y blue walls. An Ikea run last weekend scored the super basic white furniture I was looking for. The Flor tiles arrived all of three days after I ordered them and give the whole room a colorful punch and keep it from looking too blue-and-white-baby-boy-precious. There is a pile of prints and frames in the guest room waiting only for mats before being hung. The closet organizer was speced out this weekend and there are plans to replace the ugliest ceiling fan in the world with one that is, um, less ugly.

I know that all this will mean nothing to the kid and in the grand scheme of things, decorating a bedroom doesn’t matter a lick. I have some vague knowledge that my life is going to be turned on its head in a couple of months. But for now, in the midst of my roiling emotions and hormones, I’m decorating the room. And I’m enjoying it, dammit!


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Kristy said...

oh this is such a gorgeous room! and you are so organised, I'm due in two months and haven't done a single thing for a baby room yet....