Friday, November 21, 2008

Also, It's Cold Out

Still here. Still pregnant. Still finishing things. Occasionally. I'm trying not to make myself feel too bad about having made almost nothing for this baby. This household is busier than it has ever been. The husband is workingworkingworking* and trying to get the house ready for winter (and being a dear and doing the dishes every night since I can no longer reach the sink with any degree of comfort). I'm working full time, trying to keep our domestic life in good working order, preparing for our new tiny roommate and, oh, utterly exhausted from putting the finishing touches on the little human I'm growing inside me (who is due in just over six weeks). And have I mentioned the classes? The classes on how to keep the aforementioned little human alive and kicking?

I'm overwhelmed. Probably pretty typical. In any case I can rest easier** knowing that the kid will have a wee Jayne hat. Allow George to model:

George as Jayne

Loosely based on this pattern and knit in this yarn. More on Ravelry.

But wait! What is George sitting on? George looks to be in my family room, but that piece of furniture doesn't appear to be a futon. Why, could that be a sofa? Say, a big, red sectional?

New Red Couch

And in the living room, another sofa?

New Couch

Yup. Another momentous occasion around here: the passing of the futons. They've passed all the way to the basement to take up residence in (as my mom likes to call it) the rumpus room. I'm thrilled to have couches just like the grownups have. I can't wait to make new pillows for them. Just as soon as I get time. Hahahahahahaha...

*I'm sure things vary by what kind of program you're in and what kind of school you're at and a million other things, but let me tell you, being a first-year professor is no cushy job. Between his class, meetings, proposals, papers, grad students, and, oh yeah, research, my husband is working 60-80 hours a week. If you really want to tick him off, naively suggest that he has it easy since he's only teaching one class or mention something about having summers or school breaks off (hah!).

**Seriously, I don't have a car seat in which to transport him home from the hospital, but I'm relieved that my child will be identifiable as a geekbaby by his headwear?

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