Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I sewed. And sewed, and sewed. But for only five days. I knew I wouldn't be able to sew each day for a full week since I had houseguests over the weekend. I did do more than an hour most of the five days I did sew, so I'm going to call it hooray! success!

Mushroom Pants

Of course, I just ended up sewing the same thing three times over. Heh. This is maybe the fifth pair of pants I've tried for the boy and the first one that really fits. The pattern is the Huck Finn Pants from Heather Ross's Weekend Sewing and it's fabulous. Plenty of room in the seat for a baby with a big (diapered) booty. I lurve the topstitched seams. Makes the pants feel so much more finished. (I did try the adjustable button fastening of the elastic as outlined in the pattern, but it didn't work out for me- it was just too bulky in the casing.) The fabric is, yes, a little trippy, and these may end up being primarily pj pants.

Gift Pants and Onesie

This pair of pants is for a little (second) cousin-to-be and were just patterned by tracing a favorite pair of 6 month pants and sewn up in the same manner as the Huck Finn pants. The ironed on applique still needs some stitching around it to finish it up.

Baby Hiking Pants

Last, but not least, I lengthened the Huck Finn pants (the pattern is for a clamdigger length) and did them in a ripstop cotton to make the boy a wee pair of hiking pants. I added some simple little square pockets (which look much more crooked in the picture than they actually are).

Baby Hiking Pants

And I faced the bottoms in more of the trippy mushroom fabric for stylish rolling. (And, hoo, I'm still impressed that I managed to get the lining in such that the mushrooms would be right side up when cuffed.)

So yeah, sewing! Thanks, meg, for the challenge! And there's lots and lots of great inspiration from the other sewers in the flickr pool.

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