Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Summer Sewing

My model accessorized with sweat socks and cars.

I've been making a lot of gifts this year, mostly for all the kids in my life. (I've got big plans for Mama-made Christmas gifts this year for my #1 kid.) I have to admit, I really enjoy making things for the girl-kids. It's not that one can't make cool things for boys (case in point), it's just that there's so much more inspiration out there for the girls.

Ruffled Halter
Just crooked in the picture, not in real life.

This is the Ruffled Halter from this spring's Stitch magazine. Very fun to sew. The worst part was assembling the pattern from the pdf download. (Seriously, Stitch costs like $15 per issue now- for that price I expect full sized patterns for ALL the projects.) Rant aside, nice pattern, cute top, great gift.

Ruffled Halter

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