Thursday, October 21, 2010

"All Right, All Right"

...says my son constantly. For the longest time I couldn't figure out where he picked it up. Turns out, I say it all the time. Who knew?

All right. Look what I remember how to do:

It must really be fall now.

After a long absence, there is once again yarn on needles around here. Some orphaned skeins are finding a home in a holiday vest for the little gentleman.

Endpapers Finished
There's a third misshapen mitt that we don't talk about chained in the attic.

My lovely, and long since finished Endpaper Mitts have been seeing a lot of action lately. Fingerless mitts are just the thing to keep your hands warm and fingers free to dig for change and apples at the farmer's market. Unfortunately, green and brown doesn't match any of my coats. I may just have to knit myself another pair of fingerless mitts in a neutral. Perhaps these*?

*I've been on a Doctor Who kick of late, watching the (recent) series through from the beginning. I knew that my inner knitter was still alive and kicking when I was momentarily distracted from my end-of-Doomsday weeping by a pair of knit wristwarmers.

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