Monday, January 24, 2011

The Week in Photos

Or, Stuff Around My House*

17 Blowing
17 Snowblower hard at work (not to mention the man pushing it).

18 the Mail
18 Guess which part of the mail got my attention first.

19 Feathers
19 Bought the boy a feather duster so he can help clean. Maybe my favorite picture yet.

20 Scrubbing Grout
20 Scrubbed the grout in preparation for it's annual sealing. Every day is super duper exciting around here.

21 Penines
21 The kid calls them "penines".

22 Binding
22 Binding a quilted something. Results coming soon.

23 Self Portrait with Paneling
23 Our house rocks the paneling. For real.

*I do leave the house almost every day, but in the winter, I can barely wrangle both the kid and my purse, much less the camera.

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