Friday, December 22, 2006


Through your mouth: Haaaaaaaaa.

It is finally time to relax. I’ve barely sat down since Thanksgiving. Work was busy. Home was busy. But now, now on with the relaxing.

Mr. Beagle and I will be spending the holidays right here in California. Yes, I will miss seeing family and friends, but I am so glad to not be on an airplane right now. The past month has been a flurry of making, buying, wrapping, and shipping gifts. All I have left to do is the fun stuff: make cookies, wrap Mr. Beagle’s gifts, make some ornaments for the tree. Next week I’ll work, but from home- that means that I can skip two hours of driving a day, sleep in, and actually get some work done without being interrupted every 10 minutes. Heaven.
I’ve knit three hats for Christmas gifts, all cabled and worked out on the fly: the grey and black one for my little brother, the navy baby rib one for my dad and a black one for my FIL (which I didn’t snap a picture of before it was packed up and out of here). I’m currently working on a wee cabled hat out of RYC Cashsoft DK (which has a fabulous feel on the fingers, by the way) for the neighbors’ baby.

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