Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knit List

As Clapotis nears completion, it's time to start thinking about what goes on the needles next. Likely suspects:

1. Socks. Got my needles. Got my yarn. Got my patterns. I've cast on twice. I've frogged twice. I'll try again soon.

2. Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet. Not entirely my style, but I need something to wear over the strapless dress that I'm planning on wearing to my niece's dousing. Plus, I'd get to dye some more yarn for the project. The dress just happens to be brown and Berry Blue Lemonade-Aqua.

3. Sleeveless summer sweater of my own design. I used to have two cowl necked sleeveless sweaters that I wore until they were holey. I'd love to recreate them.

4. Ripple blanket. This one's a cheat. I think I've persuaded my mother to crochet one for me. I guess that means I'll actually have to get her a Mother's Day gift this year.

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