Friday, March 09, 2007

A List

Things that are currently driving me nuts:

Waking up an hour or so before my alarm and being unable to go back to sleep every day for almost a week.


Winding yarn into balls by hand. (It would be so nice to have a ball winder and swift, but I don’t really want to shell out for them right now and I currently have nowhere to store them.)

The fact that my local market sells fresh truffles and about a hundred different kinds of hot sauce, but no Kool-Aid.

Things that I think are just neat:

Discount Al-Clad

The new Knitty, particularly the cleverly cabled Torque and the pretty, pretty Isabella.

Clapotis 3-8

Clapotis progress. (I’m through the first two stitch drops… 11 to go.)

The new lunch bag that I picked up this weekend. The neoprene is insulating, stretchy and machine washable! Mr. Beagle got one as well to replace his nasty old lunch bag.

The McSweeney’s Baby, be of use books. I saw these a couple of months ago and got a kick out of them, then they popped up on Apartment Therapy the today. I’ll have to get a couple to gift to my parental-type friends. (Yes, I look at the Nursery at Apartment Therapy now and then, it means nothing.)

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