Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Screaming on the Inside

Things that broke this week:
1. Work computer
2. Work microwave
3. Important piece of work equipment for which I am ultimately responsible
4. Work garbage disposal
5. Bathroom ceiling
6. Car

I'm coping by eating vast amounts of Thai food and working from home (which I think is perfectly reasonable after yesterday's 12 1/2-hour day, due mainly to #3 and #6).

On a better note, I seem to be making headway on my jaywalkers. Well, I haven't ripped them out again. I finished the capelet-of-scary-big-gage, as well. Yay me.


Pattern: Antropologie-Inspired Capelet by Crafsteress Julesy
Begun: 4/10/07 Finished: 4/15/07
Size: A little larger than the pattern size
Yarn: Knitpicks Bulky Weight Peruvian Wool in Bare, dyed with Berry Blue Lemonade Kool-Aid, 2 skeins
Needles: Loooong (50-ish inch) #10 circulars
Mods: I made the body a tiny bit longer than suggested in the pattern, I magic-looped the sleves, and my gage was a little finer than the pattern (which didn't matter a bit with common-sense instructions like "Continue raglan increases until sleeve measures the circumference of your upper arm").
Thoughts: Nice and simple. Despite my fears, it doesn't appear to make my arms look like sausages. Unless it ends up being too scratchy to wear for an extended period of time, it looks like it will serve to cover enough of my naughty-adjacent bits to wear to a church for my niece's dunking. The Kool-Aid dye job both matches the dress marvolously and is interestingly varegated (certainly not splotchy).

Dress and Capelet

And the sock close-up:

Jaywalkers the Beginning

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