Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sick and Tired

What do you do when you're home from work sick? Well, if you're me, you spend the day in bed alternatively napping and searching for new pattern to cure your current case of knitting ambivalence.

I'm not happy with the sweater-of-my-own-design. It's not the concept, it's not the fit (I've been trying it on regularly), it is the yarn. I knew I wanted to knit the sweater in a finer gage, but I didn't hold out for the right yarn for the job. So, RIP, sweater-of-my-own-design, you are about to be replaced with one of the following projects:

Something Red

Green Gables
Rusted Root

First off, though, I'll finish a nagging little UFO that's been hanging around for far too long...

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