Friday, June 08, 2007

More Fun Than Cleaning the Bathroom

... Lelah. Or, rather, Somewhat Lelah.

Somewhat Lelah with Pink Ribbon

Pattern: Lelah by Christine of Knitting for Boozehags
Begun: Summer or 2006
Finished: 6/08/07
Size: eh?
Yarn: elann Esprit (98.3% cotton, 1.7% elastic)
Needles: #9 and #11 bamboo circulars

Somewhat Lelah

Mods: The entire top half, that is everything after the lace was loosely based on the shaping from this. The first time around, I did a v-neck ala this, but I started the vee way too early. I'm all for showing a little cleavage, but a vee that showed an inch of flesh below my bra band was a little much. The obscene tank sat in my work basket for about a year until I was fed up enough with the Sweater of My Own Design (SoMOD) that I picked it up, ripped it back, and finished it.
Thoughts: There's not much I can say about the pattern. There are countless examples of it all around craftster. It's cute and pretty universally flattering, although all empire waists make me look pregnant (which I'm emphatically not). I do, however, have comments about the yarn. It is stretchy. Really stretchy. Like, it will probably stretch to twice its free length. It's a real pain to try to maintain a constant gage with. But, since it is so stretchy and a little bit knobbly, it looks okay with a more rustic gage.

Speaking of SoMOD, here's where it was last night:

Goodbye SoMOD

And here's where it is tonight:


It is now destined to become a Rusted Root.

All right, back to cleaning the bathroom. Mr. Beagle is returning from the conference he's been at all week, and his parents are arriving on his heels for a visit. I've got to make the joint presentable. Well, at least not gross.

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