Monday, August 20, 2007


Okay, okay. What's girly enough to make up for my football rant? A handbag? A pink-lined handbag?

Soho Bag Bits

Soho Bag

Soho Pockety Lining

I call it "Meh". Knit in a bit of stash Debbie Bliss Soho a couple of weeks ago and very roughly modeled on the Chinese Charm Bag from Stitch and Bitch. As much as I like the yarn, I don't love it for this and can't really see myself using it. I do really like the lining, though. Pink on pink on pink with a couple of pockets.

Feminine Progress

Progress on the Feminine Puff Sleeved Cardigan marches on. I'll be done with the lace at the bottom in no time and on to sleeves and the dreaded finishing.

I'm catching a case of the excitements that's running through the online knitting community over Ravelry. Just 2390 people to go and I'm in.

I took advantage of JoAnn's $.99 pattern sale this weekend:

Denim Skirt To Be

Houndstooth Denim

Autumny skirt pattern and (clearance!) houndstooth denim. It'll go soooo well with my boots if I can pull it off.

Wendy Top To Be

Built by Wendy top pattern and slight-step-up-from-a-muslin cotton to try it out in.

Wendy Dress Pattern

The Built by Wendy dress that I've been admiring all over the place... which I plan to make as a top, since I'm afraid the dress would make me look (say it with me) pregnant. No fabric yet.

And to end on a note of geekery, look what Mr. Beagle brought me back from the UK:

British Deathly Hallows

So much more compact than Scholastic's version! If (when) I reread it, it'll be this copy, cause... um... I don't know.

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Tace said...

I like your purse, it looks cozy...if a purse can be cozy. Like it would be a joy to hold in your lap on a bus, I don't ride buses but I'm just saying if I did I'd want a purse like yours.