Saturday, August 18, 2007

An Open Letter to the NFL

Dear NFL,
You suck.

Why do you have to make my life so difficult? It's bad enough if you happen to live in an area where your team is regularly broadcast on local channels, since you need to get at least NBC, CBS and FOX AND ESPN AND now NFL Network. If you are, say, a Packer fan living on the west coast, the only way you can see most of the games from the comfort of your home is to shell out BIG money for a dish and a special package. If you have an irrational fear of cable, your only option is to spend the majority of your August through December Sunday mornings in a sports bar which may or may not have a working dish and a TV tuned in in time to see kickoff. This also means a bad sports-bar buffet breakfast and far to many bloody marys which make you sleepy in the afternoons and seriously inhibit your crafting ability. People also look at you funny when you knit in a sports bar.

Is there an alternative way, NFL, to distribute your sporty entertainment to football fans all over the world? I think there is: the internet. Perhaps you've heard of it, NFL. Everyone else is streaming quality entertainment (thank you ABC for Lost online and also for making the second half of the season not lame). I'd gladly pay to watch the Packers at home via the magic of the interweb. And maybe then, NFL, you would not suck so bad.

Rebecca Beagle

Inspired by the sad, sad puppy eyes Mr. Beagle made when he found out that we wouldn't be able to see tonight's preseason game. Also by the nachos I did not get to eat.

The normal girly content of this blog will resume shortly.

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