Friday, August 10, 2007


A great wedding: Mr. Beagle's BFF and a lovely (and crafty) lady. It was held in a bar- ceremony and all- and was sweet and funny and relaxed and totally enjoyable.

Bacon Bloody Mary

Tasty bacon bloody mary at brunch the next day.

Lots of Cots

Just squeaking out of O'Hare in time to not have to utilize a couple of the gazillion cots set up (thunderstorms).

Ripple Modeled By Poang

Arriving home to find a package from my mom: dental floss* and the ripple. Let me tell you, my mom... wow. The ripple is perfect: absolutely rectangular with perfect gage and oh so much soft merino.

Ripple Closeup

*For some reason, all the stores around here have chosen to carry only minty floss. I like my floss flavorless, thank you very much.


Tace said...

You don't like mint flavored floss, dear me. You mean it doesn't bring visions of cold minty ice cream cones on a hot summer day whilst you're seeing to your oral hygiene...? I am a reformed mint hater myself, only I was the opposite, I hated mint every where BUT dental products...haha
Your blog is cool, enjoying the archives!

Jen said...

your mom's ripple rocks socks beyond anyone's understanding!