Saturday, October 27, 2007


C2 TUO Knitting Complete

So, Clapotis II: The Ugly One has been knit up for a couple of weeks now. The last thing left is to make it, you know, less ugly. By overdying. I knitted up a bunch of swatches, bought some more Kool Aid, and fired up the microwave:

Clapotis Color Choices

Help me choose! We've got lemonade:

Lemonade Overdye

Strawberry something-or-another:

Strawberry Lemonade Overdye


Grape Overdye


Tamarind Overdye

Blue Raspberry:

Blue Rasberry Overdye

Please weigh in with your pick! I'm at an impasse right now since I can't decide. Bear in mind that this is for Mr. Beagle's 80-ish year old grandmother and that I'll probably mix the Kool Aid solution a little weaker than I did for the swatches.


gkg said...

i like the grape best!

Kristina said...


chez shoes said...

Another vote for grape. But I like tamarind almost as much.

Michael said...

grape please!

Tace said...

I think I like Grape best as well.

Carolyn said...

I like strawberry!

Trifarina said...


Stephanie said...

I like tamarind. ;)

souvenir kattunge said...

Grape or blue raspberry!

Brandy said...

I agree, grape looks neat! A second choice would be for raspberry.

I don't now that I would dilute any on the grape, it's neat!

JK said...

I like tamarind best (but really, they all look good, so you can't go wrong)