Sunday, November 11, 2007

Are We Moved Yet?

What's going on here at Chez Beagle? Not a hell of a lot. At least not much unrelated to moving cross-country. It seems that searching for apartments online takes precedence over reading knitting patters, sewing stuff, and my other hobbies. I guess the apartment stuff is pretty important since I have only four days in Madison this week to locate and secure aforementioned apartment. Solo. Mr. Beagle's dissertation takes precedence over keeping me company on my trip. Stupid priorities.

There seems to be some knitting going on around here, but it's really minimal. My self-imposed sweater abstinence is leading to:


Accessories! A pair of mittens in Manos which are almost done and will be followed by a matching hat.

Teensie Getting There

Baby Sweater! Which is actually fully knit, but still waiting for a zipper and sunshine to get it's final portrait done.

Endpaper Beginning

More Accessories! Endpaper knits. Colorwork + Rebecca = scary.

Enough of this. My next priority is to make dinner. Lidia's Seafood Gratin. Mmmmm.

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