Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sometimes I'm Irrational

Pumpkin and Flowers

I had no plans to brave retail hell on Friday. I was quite exhausted after a successful Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday. However, the cork basket was full. (Yes, I save wine corks- Mr. Beagle has had his heart set on a corkboard made of wine corks for quite some time and I'm not one to shy from a craft project.) The idea formed in my mind that the movers would be unhappy to move a random bag of corks (see post title). So, I decided it was high time to make Mr. Beagle's cork board. The movers couldn't quibble about moving a lovingly handcrafted wine cork board, could they? Thus a trip to purchase a frame.

The craft store from which the frame was procured was right next to a clothing store. While frame shopping, another idea formed in my mind: my life would be so much more complete if I just owned a velvet blazer. Off to the clothing store. No velvet blazer. Which by then I needed. So another store or three until a cute little velvet swing jacket was purchased. By then, I had managed to squander pretty much my whole day in retail hell. To add insult to injury, upon returning home and laying out my cork board, I found this:

Cork Board

Uh-huh. I don't actually have enough corks to finish the board. So the movers will have to move my bag of corks and the empty picture frame. My rational side tells me that the movers get paid by the hour and probably don't really care if they're moving empty picture frames and bags of cork, but my irrational side thinks that the movers will crush one of my lampshades to punish me for moving a bunch of trash. Le sigh.

Thanksgiving Flowers 2

In knitting news, the parade of accessories continues:

Hat & Mittens

Kim's Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Warmest Mittens in Manos to keep me warm in Wisconsin. Fast knits, both and super yummy in rustic Manos.

Pattern: Kim's Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and Warmest Mittens Kris Percival
Begun: 11/07
Finished: 11/07
Size: Women's hat size; women's mittens size
Yarn: Manos del Uraguay, flame colorway
Needles: US6; US5 and US6

Two fast knits. Not exactly refined, sophisticated knits, but cute.

Pros: Gratuitous earflaps! Great fit. Nibbling on excess yummy Manos.
Cons: Not very dense knits. The top of the hat is kind of ruchy where the yarn is pulled through the remaining stitches. Won't go with my orange coat.

Endpaper So Far

A little bit of Endpaper progress while on my trip last week.

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