Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas in... December

So, with Operation Move Most of the Way Across the Country in full swing around here, there is not much crafting going on. Mr. Beagle is still in dissertation mode, prepping for his defense this week. I had my last day of work at the office last Friday- Monday I start working from home. Because I won't be commuting and I've reduced my hours, I'll get back 20 hours each week! And yes, if I really want to, I'll be able to work in my pajamas. I hope it doesn't come to that.

Despite the fact that we should have stayed home and gotten stuff done, Mr. B and I decided to head up to Sonoma one last time this weekend. Saturday was chilly, but gorgeous. Naturally I forgot the camera. I only have pictures of the loot.

Despite good intentions, the better part of a case was purchased:


We took advantage of one last stop at the Heath Factory Store:

Orange Heath

Where I also scored a 2008 Pentagram calendar:


We arrived home to a mailbox full of geekery:


And a new grocery bag from Martha:

Bag from Martha

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