Sunday, December 09, 2007

At Least There's Snow

Olive Oil and Polenta*

We are deep, deep in moving hell here. The packers and movers will be here midweek and by the end of the week... goodbye California.

Since we're moving during the holidays, there will be pretty much no decorating going on this year. However, I really, really like what Cardboard at Design Boner has to say about decorating for the holidays: basically that it's not about putting up a gazillion lights or turning your house into an ice palace for a month, it's about fostering a feeling and feeding anticipations. See the November 30th post for her words.

Next post from the Great Northern Homeland!

*I was mesmerized for quite some time by the olive oil dancing on the surface of the polenta and water before putting the mess in the oven. I will not miss the awful orange florescent bulb in the kitchen light fixture.

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