Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hello Handsome

He's tall. He's dark (grey). He's handsome. He has five drawers. My valentine:

Tall Dark (Grey) and Drawerey

Vintage Steelcase. Mmmm. He's in amazing shape for being 50-ish. He was picked up for a song at the University surplus store. So much nicer than the cheapo file cabinet we had before moving (and so much sturdier). I kinda have a thing for old Steelcase office furniture. I don't miss much about going in to the office every day, but I do miss my round-edged, formica-topped, tank of a Steelcase desk.

You know what you can file in a file cabinet? Paper. And the last paper in the file cabinet? The end paper. Ugh. Worst segue ever. But, hey, Endpaper Mitts- done! Blocked and everything.

Endpapers Finished

Do you see all my mistakes? I do. While I'm really glad I tackled these bad boys and they will be very nice to have when I get Cold Mouse Hand while working, they are not my best work. For one thing, I chose two yarns with really different thicknesses (I think they are very similar weights, but the brown has a tighter twist to it). My tension at the sides around the false seam is grotesque and the increases for the thumb are pretty awful. On the other hand, I'm no longer terrified of colorwork, so I declare the Endpapers an overall success. Huzzah.

Already on the needles is what appears to be a big knot:


but will hopefully with aggressive blocking, become Gretel. And then it's back on the train to Sweaterville with the Tilted Duster.

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Stephanie said...

You my friend, are cracking me up!