Saturday, February 09, 2008


There's a ridiculously cute two year old asleep in his cage* in my bedroom. Do not wake him up. At least not until his father and my husband return from guitar shopping**. After moving back close enough to all of the nephews and niece to occasionally cover babysitting duty, I understand the importance of The Nap.

We also managed to move back to the land of weather in time for the snowiest winter in a long, long time:


The air conditioner will never again look as cute and marshmallow topped as this:

Marshmallow Topped Air Conditioner

Ah winter, how I kind of missed you, but now that we're back not so much.

The knitting? Uh... Endpapers need some serious blocking action and Gretel is on the needles in grey Manos. But no pictures. Lame, I know.

*Also called a "pack and play", but really?

**That's guitar
window shopping actually. The two year old declared that he was staying home with me and not going with the guys because shopping is for girls. Um.

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