Monday, January 28, 2008

Yes, I Suppose I Could Wear My Pajamas To Work

But I don't.

I never hear: "How great! You don't have to do that awful commute any more." or "You must get so much more done without as many interruptions". Nope, according to pretty much everyone, the major benefit of working from home is the pajama factor. Whatever.

Phoning it in to meetings (literally) has got to be one of the big benefits, though. Instead of rolling my eyes through the two-hour boredom sessions, I slap on a headset, pick up the needles and knit my way though the meetings. I stay awake and alert and feel like I've accomplished something. Unlike back when I was physically in attendance. Unless it happened to be a lunch meeting.

And thus Mr. Beagle's Very Warm Hat is finally done. Begun over a month ago in sunny California (sniffle), started, ripped, and restarted at least five times, VWH is a reality. And what's more, it's grey:

It's Grey

And it's black:

No It's Black

It's reversible and double thick:

It's Both

And it fits. Hooray. Good riddance to projects that take far to long! Now it's back to my endpaper mitts... which I've been working on since October... egh.

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