Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sewing, Part Infinity


Let's pretend that the lemon tart is really the warm spring sun, okay? Also let's pretend that it isn't still butt-numbing cold out and that it didn't snow yesterday and that I don't live in a tundra-like wasteland, okay? Can we do that?

Okay, moving on.

Sewing. Last one. Really.

C Onesie

For a knitting group member's new baby. I could not think of a cute little shape for this one, so I totally copied Stephanie... right down to the letter (thanks for the idea Stephanie!). Lucky the babies both have the same initial, eh?

This is the first onesie that I handstitched (after the Heat and Bond). I hope it holds up. Handstitching was not my first choice, but I totally botched another onesie for another friend's baby on the machine. Machine + knits = scary.

Also a few odds and ends:

I made a mistake in an earlier post. It's Jo-Ann. Not JoAnn's or even JoAnn. And they had neither the Alexander Henry bird fabric or hera markers. So I don't have to like them.

My wood-grain quilting inspiration was this. Gorgeous.

Next up: did you know I knit?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

The lemon tart looks perfect!

Love the onesie- you did a great job! I completely understand the machine & knits hating each other..

I want to hear about this knitting goodness....