Sunday, May 04, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

Pile O Knitting

My Tilted Duster is still an unfinished pile of grey yarn. Turns out once I got the sleeves on, I did need to reknit the cuffs since they were too short. In the past week, I've only managed to do a cuff and a third. I haven't even gotten the buttons on. Not. Much. Progress. But I have an excuse.

New Old Chair

This chair is not my excuse. But it was bought to put in my excuse.

We've been casually looking for a house for a while- maybe six months online and have been going to open houses for the past two months. We weren't in any hurry. Our lease doesn't end until the end of August. But then we stopped by the open house at the house. It was love at first walk through. We hustled all week to get an offer in. (How do people manage to do this if they don't have super-flexible jobs like Mr. Beagle and I???) After a little negotiations we had our offer accepted. Now we're hustling to get it inspected and get our loan going and all of that tedium. Oh, but if all goes well, we'll be moving in in two months.

Buying a pair of vintage chairs for the house is totally premature. I know that. But they'll go soooo well in the very mid century modern interior (built in 1963, multiple fireplaces, built-ins, lovely walnutty paneling*, funky light fixtures, and a conversation pit). Um, yeah, a conversation pit. How could we not want to buy it?

*Um, the paneling. Yeah, paneling is normally pretty horrendous and I have rarely met any that I didn't want to rip out or paint over, but trust me, this paneling is dark and warm and classy and really goes with the house. Plus it just begs to have this hung on it.

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