Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Sunshine Yeah

In honor of the fact that today has gone from superdarkthunderstormy to sunny and bright, here's what I'm loving right now (in addition to the sunshine).



Why? I've been really pleased with their selection, everything I've wanted to order has been in stock, and their prices are really reasonable. Plus, even with normal bare bones shipping, the yarn I ordered late on Sunday, arrived on Thursday. Which is great 'cause I'm just about ready to start my Flutter Sleeve Cardigan since I'm almost finished with...

The Tilted Duster

Tilted Parts

Why? It's fitting great so far and it's almost done. I'm a little worried about the sleeves being too short, but if that turns out to be the case, I figure I can take the ribbed cuffs out and reknit them longer. No drama.

My New Camera

Silkience Closup

Why? Because it's tiny, it's got a great anti-jiggle feature (technical camera term, yo), and I just discovered it's got an extraclose macro feature. See:

Silkience Superclose

Mmm... yarn.

Lemon Blossoms

Lemon Blossom

Why? Um, have you ever smelled a lemon blossom? Right after I took this picture, I made sweet, sweet love to that flower with a paintbrush. I'm hoping the babies take after their mother rather than me. Or the paintbrush.



Why? One word: Effective. Some more words: now that it's all new and improved and arsenic-free, it still works crazy good while being pretty dang safe (the new ant-killin' part is just Borax).

Keds Eleanor Mary Janes

Eleanor Keds

Why? Besides being cute and mary janes and everything, the cherries are flocked. Flocked! (The only thing better would have been if these had ric-rack like some of the other Eleanors.) Plus they were on Sale at Piperlime with free shipping. An flocked!

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