Saturday, May 30, 2009


Cooking, cleaning, shopping, knitting, laundering, mothering. I'm so domestic lately that sometimes I kinda want to gag. But... shhh... I kind of like it sometimes. Except when the UPS guy comes. Always when I'm cooking dinner. So I answer the door wearing an apron*. Sometimes with a baby on my hip. Embarrassing.

All this being at home has me thinking a lot about the house. I have a million projects that I'd like to do, but for now, I'm settling for trying to do some (late) spring cleaning and organizing, and the picture thing. See, I can no longer stand having frames photos sitting on surfaces (collecting dust!), and even the thought of laying out groupings of artwork for the walls exhausts me (not to mention that I'm squeamish about putting a bunch of holes in the wall). Add to the fact that I'm going to have baby and family pictures to display and I'm really liking the idea of putting up picture ledges. That way I can change out photos and frames easily. To help me visualize what I want to do, I made the cheesiest mock up ever:

Family Room Mockup

In Paint, since I'm too po' for Photoshop. My depiction of this in the center really makes the mock up, doesn't it? All in all, I like it, though. I think it will work. Next step: a trip to Ikea for the ledges and some frames.

*I have to wear an apron because I always manage to get grease spattered on me. Which I don't notice until I'm hanging clean laundry. So I have to treat and wash my clothes again. And if there is anything I don't need right now, it's more laundry... which reminds me that I have to go put a load in the dryer. Ugh.

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