Thursday, July 02, 2009

Crib Tour

The house and the kid- incredible time sucks they are. They're really cutting in to my leisure time. Knitting: rarely. Sewing: does hemming jeans and mending pillows count? Other craftiness: ha! Good thing I'm awful fond of them both.

In lieu of anything new and crafty, I'll show off the nicest space in the joint: where kid and house collide. Bear's room started off like this (mmm, cream of pea soup). And progressed to this last fall.

Nowadays it's fully occupied and looks like so:


The furniture is heavy on the Ikea. Okay, it's all from Ikea. I would have loved a modern nursery set, but holy $$$. And by the time I bought furniture, I was way too pregnant and busy to diy it. So, Ikea it was.

The room has pristine oak floors (like most of the house) which I covered with Flor tiles. I think they really make the room. As much as I love the wall color (and I really love it- I'd like to paint my bedroom this color), I think the room would have ended up a little too precious without the rug.

I don't want to talk about the ceiling fan.


Extravagant crib set, eh? SIDS prevention guidelines say no loose clothy bits in the crib, which appeals to my cheap minimalist tendencies (besides, it's not like my infant is going to use a quilt). By the way, it's not easy to find red crib sheets.

Yes, the artwork is off center and kind of awkwardly hung, but fixed very firmly to the wall. Like, won't come down until Bear leaves for college fixed. Thanks to my husband for that (both the awkward placement and sturdy mounting). All three prints are of polars bears, which pop up all over the room.

The thing about the bears-
1. We enjoy going to the zoo and are particularly fond of the polar bears.
2. My husband has a much loved pair of polar bear print pajama pants that we like to joke about.
3. I decided on the paint color, Arctic Blue, and polar bear theme before I even knew the sex of the baby.
4. The choice of the baby's name was strongly influenced by the fact that "Bear" is the obvious nickname. (But I am not trying to theme my child. I fell for the name before "Bear" was distilled from it.)


The number print is from Binth and, though awesome in its own right, coordinates ridiculously well with the rug. The futon got shoved in the room for Christmas houseguests and never left (the futon, not the guests). My little lap quilt from way back when found a home on it. Eventually the futon will be removed in favor of more play space, but for now, it's nice to have a place to read and to set the car seat for loading and unloading.


My husband tricked out the closet with a custom-built organizer (there's shelves down the center and a full-length hanging area on the other side). It's obviously set up for baby clothes, but can be adjusted as Bear grows.

Now, if only the rest of the house was finished...

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Trina said...

I love the nursery! Found this picture when I was Googling nursery ideas. Good job :)