Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Notes on a Holiday Season

Just as everything was settling down after all the celebration, the visits and visiting, my boys, grownup and baby, have come down with nasty cold. Before I come down with it, here are my notes on the end of the year:

Birthday Balloons

The New Year-
I try to avoid making New Year's resolutions, but this year I issued myself some challenges. Mostly food related. More on that some other time.

Birthday Cupcakes

The Birthday-
I can't believe that my baby is a year old. And that he wanted nothing to do with his cupcake. Probably would have rather had green beans. Strange child. Love him to bits.

Wesle Tree

Next year I will take the Buy Handmade Pledge.
Next year I will begin making gifts early. Like tomorrow.
Next year I will craft some Christmas decorations*. Starting right after Halloween.

Tune in a year from now to find out if actually manage any of these things.

*This year my mother pointed out that I don't decorate much for Christmas. She is right. But it's her fault. My Christmas memories are adorned with homemade decorations. Clothespin angels, crocheted Santa toilet paper cozies, beaded snowflakes, and an entire village of ceramic buildings (that I painstakingly painted over several years as a teenager). My mom has always been a craft nut and instilled the same nuttiness in me. I tried to buy some Christmas doo-dads in the store this year, but failed. I need to make the time to make them myself. And involve my son. So the cycle can begin anew.

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