Sunday, May 13, 2007


Sooo, the jaywalkers are all but done. They have been waiting patiently since Tuesday to have their ends taken care of and for their photo session. I just don't seem to care about finishing socks when it's flip flop weather.

Instead, last weekend's deals: After trying on this dress (which I haven't worn in a year, and certainly didn't try on before knitting the capelet) and feeling decidedly sausage-like, I decided I needed something else to wear to next weekend's baby dunking, um, I mean christening. Shopping I went and found:

Brown Dress

Graphic print? Check. Duro-ish? Check. Surprisingly flattering? Check. Fully lined? Check. And... wait for it... $13. Then I found:

Sofft Shoes

If I was less lazy I'd take a better photo that shows off what I guess is Sofft's signature heel (not too tall, slightly chunky, and a little vintage looking). I think these are about 2" heels, but very, very comfortable. And, oh, yeah, they were $10. Almost makes me want to shop more. Almost.

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