Sunday, September 02, 2007

Longest Weekend Ever

Longest Weekend Ever

I'm typically pretty lazy. Witness my standard issue blog template lacking so much as a header image. This weekend, though, I have truly outdone myself. I've been home for five days now and despite my plan to sew both the skirt and Wendy top, this is all I've managed:

Cutting Skirt

Yup, one skirt cut out. No actual sewing done. Lazy. Okay, laziness aided by an oh-so-timely summer cold. Yeah, a nasty-ass cold in August. During a heat wave. Over a holiday weekend.

The extra long weekend was not all a waste. While I still had a fever on Friday, I took the opportunity to do most of the finishing on my feminine cardigan. I mean, what better time to pick up stitches and weave in ends than when you are already perfectly miserable? You know that saying, "Misery loves sewing on buttons", right?

Feminine Almost Done

No fabulous glamour shot because 1. it hasn't yet been blocked, 2. I'm not sure if I'm really happy with the fit, and 3. um, lazy.

Clapotis 2- The Beginning

I started Clapotis 2: The Ugly One. This one is supposed to be for my grandmother-in-law for Christmas, but, ugh, the Jem yarn begs to differ. I'm thinking there may be another round of dyeing in C2:TUO's future. Pink lemonade? Grape? Tamarind?

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