Thursday, April 22, 2010

(Finally, Some) Sewing!

I do not like carrying a diaper bag. I take it when we'll be out for an extended period of time, but for shorter outings, I prefer to take only what I need in my purse. I finally decided to try and make a pouch of some kind to corral some on-the-go diapering supplies. After rooting through my fabric stash for outer and lining fabrics and interfacing, I remembered that I had a few of these Orla Kiely reusable bags from last year's Target line:


Although I love the print, I don't use them since they're flat totes- they don't have a box bottom.


What they do have is a panel on the front that was easily removed, and sewn into a diaper-sized pouch. I removed, then reused the binding, a handle, and the velcro.

Diaper Pouch

It's a great size for a couple diapers* and a packet of wipes.

Diaper Pouch

Diaper Pouch

Best of all, it goes very nicely with my spring purse.

Orla Goodness

*I still cloth diaper, but must admit then when traveling or out-and-about, I do not hesitate to slap a disposable on the boy.

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Kristy said...

gorgeous solution, much better than the loose nappies and wipes floating around in my handbag! I only cloth diaper at home too, unless it's a short trip and there won't be a need for a nappy change, the thought of carrying a wet or stinky napy is just too much! but a bit of cloth diapering is better than nothing, so our halos are still shiny!