Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Week (and then some) In Photos

Self Portrait in Ornament
1. That's me.

Poachers Play Set
2. Amazing Fisher-Price poaching safari playset from the 70's. There are more animals, cages, a trailer with a pop up tent. My husband remembers himself and his siblings playing with it a lot, but it's still in really good shape. Toys are not made like this any more.

3 Naked Tree
3. The tree. Naked.

4 Piggie
4. Cedar pig. Because everyone needs a cedar pig.

5 Buttons
5. Cleaned off my workspace.

6 Bubbles
6. Goodbye favorite, discontinued bath gel. You will be missed.

7 Mousetraps
7. Why were there mousetraps in the kitchen junk drawer?

8 New Vase
8. Spent a little bit of my Christmas gift money on a new vase. I think it looks lonely in the fireplace nook. Must remedy that.

9. New playkitchen for Christmas. There have been lots of tea coffee parties. With strawberries.

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