Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Aaaaand We're Back

Bokeh Tree
Obligatory bokeh tree shot.

I was ready for Christmas. It was the travel and little boy's New Year's eve birthday that I was a little less ready for. Still everything got done and I must not be too shell shocked since I'm already starting my first handmade birthday gift for the year.

Speaking of handmade, last year I wrote:

Next year I will take the Buy Handmade Pledge.
Next year I will begin making gifts early. Like tomorrow.
Next year I will craft some Christmas decorations. Starting right after Halloween.

I didn't take the pledge. I did make about half of my gifts, though. A few others were purchased handmade items. Most of the rest were books. A few were Hot Wheels.
I started making gifts right after Halloween.
I did make some decorations! I didn't start until Thanksgiving, but I managed to make Alicia's Snow Day ornaments and a pom-pom garland.

Not too shabby.

Last year I also issued myself some resolutions challenges:

1. Eat less sugar.
2. Try one new recipe a week.
3. Make at least three vegetarian suppers per week.

How'd I do?
1. I eat less sugar now. I kicked my root beer habit. I also revamped my diet to be more balanced. I still eat sugar, but I'm very aware of portion size. I must be doing okay since I've lost 15 pounds over the last six months.
2. This one fizzled out as things got busier in the fall.
3. This really helped me build a better repertoire of vegetarian meals. I've relaxed the three-a-week goal a little as the growing season ended here and produce choices thinned out, but I've discovered a lot of very nice meat-free dishes over the past year. Nowadays our meat consumption is down to the point where we can afford to buy mostly local, sustainably farmed meat when we do eat it.

And my resolution challenge for this year? Nothing to do with food or gifts. This year, I want to work on photography. I want to end 2011 a better photographer than I began it. Shouldn't be too hard. Heh. I plan to:
1. Take a photo a day.
2. Learn on my own about takin' pitchers.
3. If I can swing it, take an actual class or photography workshop. (Any suggestions of online or Madison, WI-based classes would be awesome.)

I hope everyone's holiday season was as warm and bright as mine. Happy 2011!

Late Christmas Eve, after Santa's visit.

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