Friday, July 20, 2007

Anything is Better

The week didn't get better. My general demeanor of late has been closer to that of the Anthropologie model below than to the Gap model. So, instead of dwelling on all the bad things, more on those weddings:

The first two weddings are in August. For wedding #1 in Milwaukee I picked this up on sale at Anthropologie (swoon):

I'll wear it with champagne-colored strappy heels and bring my capelet (how appropriate) just in case it's chilly (haha, Milwaukee in August).

For wedding #2 in Portland (must see/do suggestions for Portland?- we've never been), this from the Gap:

I'll take my brown pashmina just in case, but I'm so far shoeless for this one. I kind of like the red shoes the model is wearing, so maybe red. I'm also considering removing the sash and replacing it with something more colorful. So that I don't look like brown wrapped in brown.

So this weekend, I'll be off to find shoes, wrapping wedding gifts, redyeing yarn, and knitting on the Puff-sleeved Feminine Cardigan. Oh, and being a big dork and buying the new Harry Potter. In my Tonks costume. Just kidding.

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Stephanie said...

So I followed your link from craftster after seeing your first quilt. I LOVE it. GREAT job. It doesnt look like a "first" quilt to me!