Sunday, January 13, 2008

Staying On the Couch

All day. Under both the ripple and the quilt. Watching football, maybe knitting a little, nursing my inexplicably sore shoulder. It's just that kind of Sunday.

Besides, I got things done this week. I renegotiated my work arrangement. I finished a little baby shower gift for my cousin and his wife:

Business Casual Onesies

I haven't seen my cousin in years and years and have never met his wife. I hope they have a sense of humor. Same appliqué technique as last time.

I also finally finished the teensie sweater:

Teensie Sweater Finished

I think it turned out adorable.

Teensie Sweater Sleeve

See that zipper? I made that zipper my bitch.

Teensie Sweater Zipper

Take that zipper! I'm no longer afraid of sewing you and your little friends into sweaters. The sweater finishing was made all the sweeter by the fact that the better part of zipper installation took place during a crazy long meeting that I tele-attended. So work's not all bad.


Stephanie said...

HA! I just made a tie onesie last week!
Great minds think a like eh?

Karen said...

Yes, the sweater is absolutely adorable. Beautiful job!